Friday, February 8, 2013

2012 in Review

Boston Massacre
As I sit here weathering out The Blizzard of 2013, I would like to take a minute to review 2012. I think this past year was one of the best of my life. I made new friends, tried new things, went to new places, started high school, and more. My year started off with workshops for reenacting. I participated in a gaitored-trousers workshop run through a group called The Hive, and I went to a 1778 "Lottery" waistcoat workshop with my own, 2nd Mass Reg't. I went own to be being apart of the mob at the Boston Massacre reenactment in March. This past year it was put on by a group of very passionate reenactors who created a whole new impressions just for this event. The Massacre is going to be even better this, so it is said. Soon after the Boston Riot, I broke my hand. This was my first bone breakages and unfortunately it occurred in one of the busiest times of year for me. As it is extremely hard to drum two-handed with only one working arm, my good friend, Jenn, who used to play snare willingly stepped up to be a snare drummer while I was recovering from my injury. Over time I learned how to play well enough with my working hand, and I improved on my left handed strokes.
broken hand

My next great adventure was the trip to Michigan which, as a stated in a previous blog post, was one of the best trip I've taken to date. After Michigan, I went to Junior Fife and Drum Camp. The camp is one of a kind; it is a four-day long fife and drum workshop that is taught by skilled volunteers. Every year the theme is different and this past year the focus was on the music of the Connecticut Yanks. The Yanks were one of the best corps in fife and drum history and have influenced the way many corps sound today. Taken from Camp's website:

"The Company of Fifer and Drummer Junior Fife and Drum Camp is offered each year to ensure that the quality and scope of fifing and drumming continues to improve, expand, and prosper. This is accomplished through the use of instructional workshops, which provide junior drum corps members with the tools needed to increase their knowledge in various aspects of fifing and drumming. All workshops are conducted in a friendly, open, and professional manner to provide a positive experience for all. 
• Appearance at the famous Deep River Ancient Muster Tattoo allows campers to showcase their camp accomplishments. 
• Standpiece allows campers of all ability levels to participate fully in the performance, which will also include advanced small ensemble pieces for the more seasoned players. 
• Standpieces will be available online so participants can practice prior to camp. 
• Instructional program focuses on improvement of playing and performance skills, and music-reading ability."
Camp is always the highlight of my year and I am really looking forward to it this year, especially as I sit here in a blizzard. 

This rest of the year consisted of three more muster trips for me a my friends. We went to The Deep River Ancient Muster (DRAM) right after camp, the Westbrook Muster, The Sudbury muster, and concluded the season with the Moodus Muster.

One month into the new year, I am extremely excited for what there is in-store. I am once again going to be in the Boston Massacre, only in a different role (What could that be?!?!), I plan on going to camp again (this year I'm going to try for the advanced musician section) and, My fife and Drum Corps (MC4HFD) is planning on going to Colonial Williamsburg to participate in the tenth annual Drummers Call festivities.

I'll sign off now but check back soon to see what sewing projects I have been working on and how I am doing as a commissioned tailor.

-Nick J.