Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Road Trip to Michigan

A couple of weekends ago, The Middlesex County 4H Fifes and Drums had the privilege to travel to Michigan for this years National Muster. Not all of us could make the trip because of other commitments but we were able to take a motley crew of three drums and four fifes with one guidon. While we were there we got a lot of bonding time from swimming in the pool and lounging in the jacuzzi, or eating pizza at midnight in the lobby one night and buffalo chicken the next. Our performance was good too. We had two people as acting fife sergeant and, for the most part, they did outstanding. As seen in the picture above, Mark Logsdon,  the drum major for 1st Michigan, presented us with an engraved plate. What was really special, is that he kept it secret from everybody, event the people in his own corps. We also played a song that is really special to 1st Michigan and 4H, The Sweetness of Mary.

From their website: "This is dedicated to Mary Logsdon, wife of Mark, co-founder of the Corps, and mom to many of us. It was found and recorded by friends of ours from Massachusetts, the Middlesex County Volunteers. They allowed us to “steal” the arrangement, and we’ve performed it with them on several occasions in their home state."

We have done this before.

Michigan was a really special experience and I hope that 4H as many others like it.